Wednesday, October 13, 2010

With summer's demise. . . .

Hails once more. Here is the latest in my works, crafted by supreme necromantic hate and disgust for all things living. I call it, N'Gasta, the demo for 2010. Enjoy.


1: Prolog
2: I - Das Zusammenrufen
3: II - Freunde Der Dunklen Weg*
4: III - Unsterblichkeit
5: IV - Reinheit
6: V - Geisterbeschwörung

* An instrumental that is dedicated to my friends Azordon, Bifrons, Hellfroste, and Dan O)))

Available for download here:

Furthermore, my release, Forgotten Paths. . . ., is now available through Black Ambient Records, released on Oct. 5. It seems I misjudged them for their lack ov innovation. Oh well, after all, I am only human. Here is the link for it.

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