Thursday, July 14, 2011

Valkynaz' New Direction

I've been doing some thinking lately and, though my frustration and disgust for mankind has always been apparent in pretty much everything I've ever done artistically for this band, it still hasn't been enough. It's time that I wage war on mankind for the ignorant, selfish, fool-hardy waste that it is. So, herein, I announce the new album, which will be released soon and was mixed by my friend Dan O)) and his company, Distorted Doom Recordings. It will be a demo album, much rawer and much more hateful than previous releases. I will call the album, Anti, as in anti-existence.

There are several people who I would like to thank for their "inspiration" that drove me to create this album in the first place, but I won't name them here. On my album art, I will, don't worry. Either because ov their pretentiousness in assuming everything I do is focused towards them when in all reality it's focused on the majority ov worthless faggots that act like him (e.g. xians), or because they betrayed my trust and friendship and forced me to vomit out my rage, this album will be dedicated to you. Worthless fucking scumtrash!

With any luck, I will try submitting it to Cybertzara or Moribund Cult and hopefully get some monetary gains out ov my spent wrath, but if not, then the least I can get is some small satisfaction that I've eternally distanced myself from them and their kind.

Will post up details as events warrant. Furthermore, don't forget to check out Satanica Prods. for great products, including my album, N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!.