Friday, July 16, 2010

Valkynaz 2010

Though the entire 2010 collection isn't complete, [due to it only being July,] I will update further as motions are set into action as my artwork progresses. Here are the releases available so far:


Valkynaz / Vinterblot Split: Valkynblut


1. Oblivion
2. Valkynblut
3. Chaotic Forest Paths
4. Einsamkeit
5. Verhasstes Selbstnachdenken
6. Rainfall Over Tamriel

7. I Shall Return
8. Winter's Contagion
9. The Last Goodbye

Available for Download here:




01. Eisige Wellen
02. Anblicke des Waldes
03. As Winter Becomes
04. Anti-Life
05. Winds ov Promise
06. A Colder Place Pt. I (Havenless Amidst the Storms)
07. . . . Und die Himmel werden Schwarz
08. Eingefrorener Kummer
09. Durch Geschwärzte Wälder
10. Stimmen von des Absteigenden Nebels
11. A Colder Place Pt. II (Beyond the Traveling Winds)
12. Untitled I
13. Untitled II
14. Untitled III
15. Winds ov Despair
16. Boundless Isolation
17. A Colder Place Pt. III (My Darkest Sanctuary)
18. Gefrorene Abfalle

Available through Black Ambient Records.

I'll upload it later for your enjoyment. Too lazy to compile everything right now.

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