Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Throat ov the World - Part II

It has been one full year since Throat ov the World was released. I will once more continue this series in ambient winter desolation through Throat ov the World - Part II. And because I feel this deserves everyone's insight on it, I've decided both as the prominent member ov Valkynaz and the owner ov Hammerkrieg Productions to release it purely as a free album. Several select individuals whom have made an impact on me will receive it in physical form as well. Hail towards the end ov Evening Star, CE this year 2011.

Track list:

1. Krii Lun Aus 4:22
2. Reflecting upon the Sea ov Ghosts 11:07
3. Sovngarde 5:31

Total Playing Time: 21:00

Available for download here: